Resources for the Wisdom Boxes


1. Design Sources: Wrapping paper, art prints, calendars, magazines,
wallpaper, fabric, stickers

2. Decoupage glue: Mod Podge, Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, Aleene's
Instant Decoupage, plus other formulas...check with craft store to see which one is the best for the look you want.

3. Medium size sponge brush

4. Permanent pen or marker

5. Acid-Free paper for lining the box

6. An x-Acto knife


7. Rubber Stamps: Web site:

8. Stickers: Mrs. Grossman's

9. Your local craft stores

10. Books:
-- The Letter Box: A Story of Enduring Love, by Mark & Diane Button. ISBN 1-58270-087-7, Beyond Words Publishing, Inc. This is a great resource for letters you can write to loved ones as different events occur in their lives.

--Keeping Family Stories Alive: Discovering & Recoding the Stories & Reflections of a Lifetime, by Vera Rosenbluth. ISBN 0-88179-149-0, Hartley & Marks Publishing, Inc. For those of you who would like to interview a friend or family member and tape record it to be included in your box, this book will guide you step by step.

Please check back for additional resources.

©2004 Judy Ranieri, MA