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Wisdom Box Workshops The Wisdom Box...A Legacy of Love

The Wisdom Box is a treasure chest filled with love, joy, wisdom, and life lessons passed on from one generation to the next.

The Focus:

Learning about and sharing your family history
Opening up communication between generations
Leaving a legacy which reflects your personal values

The Goal:

To express your love and share the wisdom you have gained with those you love.


The Wisdom Box begins with the premise that every one has wisdom to share based on our personal journeys, the choices we made, and our life experiences.

Questions are posed to stimulate ideas and help people get started. Beginning with something simple, "How did you get your name?" "Is there a story behind it?" Then on to something more thought-provoking, for example, "Was there a quotation, a family saying, or a piece of advice that you grew up with that got you through difficult times?"

The treasures in The Wisdom Box can be tangible--family recipes, good luck charms, photos, a ticket stub to a special event, souvenirs from favorite places. Be creative...one person enclosed her granddaughter's sonogram and was struck by how much the picture resembled stardust in the night sky.

They can be intangible answers to questions and shared wisdom, such as, "What is something you wish an elder had shared with you?" "What is something that would have made your life easer if only someone had told you?" "What is your most cherished memory?"


It gives your inner voice a chance to be heard
It gives you a way to communicate delicate information in a non threaten way
It can heal a relationship of unfinished business
It can be a great tool to build self-esteem in family members...knowing you are loved is very powerful
For the maker of the box, it's a way of sharing and validating your life
For the receiver, it is a gift of love.

This workshop can be given in 2 half-days or a full-day format. For additional information, please contact, Judy Ranieri, Life Coach, at 925-673-9323 or email: judy@thewisdombox.com
Wisdom Circle Workshop

The circle is an ancient and universal symbol for unity and wholeness. For many millennia human beings have met in tribal or village circles to tell stories, provide mutual support, and arrive at an understanding of the common good.

Today, we have developed many variations of the circle: support groups, dialogue groups, group psychotherapy, Bible study groups, twelve-step groups, consciousness-raising circles, men's and women's groups, to name a few. What is being asked of us now is to come together in small groups that share the same goal: the creation of a compassionate community that values the wisdom and the welfare of all its members.

Our intention, as participants, is to engage each other in deeper levels of wisdom and compassion. Wisdom circles are places to practice heart-to-heart communication skills, share a vision, define a mission, and create a community where we can learn from our own and each other's experiences.

For information on the next Wisdom Circle Workshop or to have someone facilitate for your group, please contact:
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